sugaring​ (& waxing)

Sugaring is one of the most ancient forms of hair removal. Dating back to early Egypt, this method has made it’s way into the modern world of hair removal and has quickly become very popular, especially among green beauty connoisseurs.

The sugaring technique employs the use of a sugar paste or gel made from sugar, lemon juice and water. This substance has a wax-like consistency and color, but without the sticky resins, chemicals, preservatives and dyes that conventional “strip” or “hard” wax contains.

This removal is a gentle, yet effective exfoliating treatment that leaves your skin silky, sweet and smooth after the process. This makes sugaring our most preferred method, because it is excellent for sensitive skin types.  You do get permanency with sugaring.


what to expect during your sugaring session 

We will prep your skin with a natural cleanser, and then use a talc-free powder to further prep the skin. Sugar paste is applied against hair growth, and removed with hair growth, which can result in less redness and irritation at the site of hair removal. Results can last up to six weeks and hair regrowth is often finer. To get the best results with sugaring, it is recommended that you schedule visits 4-6 weeks apart to create a rhythm and that we get your hair in the first stage of growth; this will optimize your having less hair growth and your hair will feel softer. 

Please follow the link "schedule appointment" to see a full listing of offerings with pricing. For waxing I use the gentlest wax available for the most sensitive skin.