virtual lifestyle coaching

Virtual Lifestyle Consultation -- 30 minutes


During your Lifestyle Consultation is focused on self- love and building more balance and harmony.  Together, we will address lifestyle rhythms and routines. We will cover everything from anxiety, sleep, nutrition all the way to cleaning out your self-care products and creating more space in your home.  You will always feel appreciated and heard.

Client Support Areas

  • True skin nurturing (Virtual consultations available)

  • Anxiety, depression, taking things on from others, & over-whelm

  • Breaking through patterns of emotional reactions & moodiness

  • Overcoming fatigue and exhaustion 

  • Understanding all sides of acne

  • Aging skin

  • Breaking unhealthy sleep patterns - Insomnia, unsettled sleep

  • Support moving away from coffee, sugar, alcohol & cigarettes

  • Simplifying life environment

  • Support with healthy digestion

  • Nutritional support

4316 Upton Avenue South No. 209, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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