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therapeutic facials

Working as a healing practitioner, Shayla has learned that touch can be essential to one’s healing, and that includes luxurious and intuitive facials. With a background in nutrition and energy healing, Shayla brings modalities together to create a unique, tailored experience for each client. She loves working with, and connecting with people. She uses a harmonious balance of science (including a few gadgets) and energy-infused treatments on skin to achieve excellent results.  Shayla bases her practice on a healing, gentle and holistic approach. 

Shayla loves working with acne and gets results in treating her acne-prone clients. With a series of treatments and holistic lifestyle guidance, she works with clients to achieve clear skin.  She also works with aging skin and supports clients in finding balance in their skins PH level.  We are so intimately connected with nature, therefore, nature is on our side as well as the advancements in science.  We can use the reflection of nature and the advancements in science to heal our skin.