Cherishing the
Restoration Within

while supporting the beauty of simplicity.

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It's what we are all about. If we are well within, our well-being will behold our natural beauty.

Skin and body care, quality sleep, proper hydration, physical movement, rest when needed, nourishing food choices and healthy relationships are the pillars of self-care and well-being.

We are dedicated to providing purposeful skincare.

Our team researches and carefully selects the finest products available, prioritizing quality, scientific backing, and proven effectiveness.

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We carefully choose products focused on quality, holistic Index and scientifically-backed ingredients. Click below to see Shayla's favorites.

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Love Notes

She allows space for you to come in, relax, heal and be taken care of with love.

To have time with Shayla goes well beyond a skin service. She cares for you in a way that many people aren’t aware of…she sees you and knows what kind of nourishment that you need. Thank you Shayla for being in your element and sharing your wisdom with us.


I always look forward to my visits

with Shayla, not just because I know my skin will feel amazing after her treatments, but that my body and soul will also feel amazing. Her healing energy is reflected in the beautiful space that she has created. I feel lucky to have found her and can’t recommend her highly enough.


Shayla is the best aesthetician in Minneapolis

hands down! From the peaceful space she has created to her calming presence and ability to curate and customize a facial that addresses my skin condition at the time of treatment. She seems to always be educating herself and has a way of communicating this well to her clients. Shayla delivers incredible value to the clients she serves.


Shayla's practice strikes the perfect balance

between elegant and comfortable, professional and congenial. She really knows what she is doing but it never feels clinical. My skin feels incredible when I leave but (maybe more importantly) my whole body feels refreshed and uplifted - Shayla is a healer!