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Shayla offers Nourishing Skin Therapies and nourishing Virtual Lifestyle Consultations so that people can take a wholistic approach to self-care through routines and rhythm.

Dealing with your skin, is more than 'just dealing with your skin' – through reflection and skin-care we can support you to build a healthy relationship with your skin, body and wellbeing.

Client Support Areas

  • True skin nurturing (Virtual consultations available)

  • Anxiety, depression, taking things on from others, & over-whelm

  • Breaking through patterns of emotional reactions & moodiness

  • Overcoming fatigue and exhaustion 

  • Understanding all sides of acne

  • Aging skin

  • Breaking unhealthy sleep patterns - Insomnia, unsettled sleep

  • Support moving away from coffee, sugar, alcohol & cigarettes

  • Simplifying life environment

  • Support with healthy digestion

  • Nutritional support

Our bodies remember what our minds forget.

True healing occurs through a reconnection within, and this starts with a connection to the body. When we learn to observe from our bodies, we can heal and have deep joy in our lives. I deeply understand energy, and the function of the skin and body through my studies and life experience. 

I take responsibility for my choices, and offer space for my clients to as well.  I also support my clients in embracing the

magnificence of their essence.   

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