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The first thing we want to point out — when using this list is that not all the ingredients listed will make all people break out. Sometimes its trial and error when cutting out ingredients. We have found that this is a wonderful guide and many have had success in using it to support getting rid of pore clogging ingredients. The purpose of this list is to help guide you to a space where you can start to filter out ingredients that can be triggering to acne. Some of the ingredients listed are nourishing to certain skin types. Please use this list with that in mind, and work one-on-one with a skin professional to find the right regime for you. Skin care products are not one size fits all. Topical and internal hydration is everything.

Similar to any other digital ingredient assessment tool, our online system designed for detecting pore-clogging elements is not without its limitations. Uniformity in the linguistic style or structure employed by various manufacturers to depict their products is not guaranteed. Consequently, this divergence can occasionally result in discrepancies or misconceptions when interpreted by these automated systems.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you verify your products meticulously against the comprehensive ingredient list provided below.It is imperative to emphasize that during the product examination, each individual ingredient must be distinctly demarcated by a comma (,).