The Formlessness of Beauty & Harmony in Skin Health

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This program is designed to give you a rich resource to care for your skin and body. You will learn things not on social media but from various professionals. Healing comes from the inside out, and there are things you can do to support yourself while keeping it simple.

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The beauty industry has made skin health and beauty about dollars. Society shows us that we need excess to be beautiful. That is not true. Focusing on our inner beauty and learning to care for ourselves from our bodies' prompts is the key to healthy skin and life. Of course, there are times when our bodies have periods of stress, hormone shifts, and skin reactions. We have overdone it with our skin. We have become accustomed to too much exfoliation, too many products, too much fragrance, and too much emphasis on everything outside ourselves.

Each week we will discuss What, Why, and How breaking each topic into practical exercises, making the work easily attainable for you.

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Welcome to holistic health

and overall well-being. Taking a holistic approach with a collection of studies, I have learned information from over a decade of studying skin and the body from all angles.

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Our skin is our largest organ and our outer-facing representation of the world.

Our skin reflects what is happening inside our bodies: emotional distress, inflammation, or a reaction to the product.

With PDF downloads for information on different skin conditions and health topics will be a valuable resource for clients to reference.


This program provides practical exercises

This program provides practical exercises and information to help clients better care for their skin and overall health. I look forward to seeing its positive impact on clients' lives.

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