Quality sleep is everything!

Sleep is the beholder of our body's natural rhythm, and is intimately connected to the cosmos. When we sleep our body has an opportunity to process everything while we are in a deep state of stillness, both the physical and energetic. Here are some tips on developing a deeply nourishing quality of sleep every night. Sleep has been shown in studies time and time again to improve health overall. It is not about getting to bed early, but rather the quality of how we are preparing ourselves for bed.

Here are some tip on experiencing a better rhythm and quality of sleep:

  • Prepare for the next day the night before. For example, as you get ready for bed, know that you are actually getting ready and setting yourself up for the next 24 hour cycle

  • Establish a steady rhythm for sleeping & waking times

  • Make sure to understand your digestive system, and that your body is complete in digesting food a few hours before bedtime, otherwise your body will use energy instead of allowing for a deeper settlement. A great way to do this is to observe and establish a time that you are finished with food for the day

  • Set up your room, temperature, lighting (a dark room is best), bedding (is is comfortable), is your room tidy, and check in on sounds, are they soothing to you?

  • Sometimes it is helpful to sleep with an eye mask and ear covers if you have a lot on your mind

  • Keep a journal or sheet of paper next to your bed incase any thoughts come up, you can write them down and give yourself permission to leave them for the next day

  • Keep a glass of water next to your bed

  • For uncomfortable bodily experiences check in with yourself and track how you have been living the day before. There are many internal stressors and hormones that play a role in the response of our bodies. Make sure to check in with a therapist, doctor, coach, healing practitioner or trusted person in your life on your inner-temple

  • Take a look at the other pillars of wellness and how they are currently in balance in your life: soul connection, relationships, communication, nourishing foods, etc.

  • Is your nightwear actually comfortable?

  • Consider keeping work separate from your bedroom, and limit screens

  • Keep it simple and refine, refine, refine

  • Discover magnesium and how it can support your sleep

  • If you had royalty sleeping in your home for the night, how would you prepare for them? The true royal is you!

Is this overwhelming? Start with just 1 adjustment at a time. No stress needed.

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